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Grande Canyon du Verdon
Grande Canyon du Verdon

Aups market square
Aups market square - I'll just park to buy some veg!

Aups  - market day gathering
Aups  - market day gathering

traditional Dubonnet sign

Aups wrought iron clock tower
fine wrought iron campanile on the clock tower

  Aups Alleyway
         Aups Alleyway


The Var département stretches from the Cote d'Azur to the Alps and is a mixture of rough terrain, the garrigue and rocky hills. A good starting point is the small town of Moustiers Ste Marie in the north west

Moustiers Ste Marie
Moustiers Ste Marie

 The area includes the Grande Canyon du Verdon which is one of the most impressive sites in France. The road from Moustiers Ste Marie to Castellane on the northern side of the canyon is  fairly easy driving with a few narrow  and rocky sections but with plenty of viewpoints especially at the Point Sublime. There is a narrow road circuit  the Route des Cretes from here around the top of the canyon and also another narrow road which leads to the river. At the western end of the canyon is the vivid blue Lac de Ste Croix where there are many places for watersport activities and an aire for motorhomes in the pretty village of Ste Croix du Verdon on the western bank 

Lac de Ste Croix Verdon
Lac de Ste Croix

We visited Aups near Draguignan many years ago when it was a small market town lost in a time-warp. Revisiting now, although there are a few more tourist shops the old quarter of narrow streets has changed little. The market square, said to have the most plane trees and fountains in the Var, is still the centre of activity, or at least meeting to pass the day, with a typical assortment of market stalls several days each week.

Aups old quarter
The old quarter of Aups is well worth a stroll around especially if you can catch a glimpse into the open doorways of the old houses.  

Aups wash-house
There was even washing drying in the wash-house 


aups ancient doorway
Ancient doorway

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