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Here is a list of aires we stayed at or passed during our European trip in May and June 2007.
GPS references are in format dd  mm ss  rounded to nearest second W is negative 
P denotes parking fee S denotes services fee E electricity fee

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La Mailleraye-s-Seine Seine-Maritime 76  Place du General Leclerc    N49 29 05, E00 46 05
P free S jeton
small aire in town centre alongside River Seine. some grass and gravel  Occasional barges pass by. small sewage works adjacent Service borne jetons from local bars.
Mamers  Sarthe 72  Rue de la Piscine  N48 21 19, E00 22 18
P S E 5€
aire between campsite and town next to park and lake.  8 gravel hedged pitches. fenced with security gate access code from campsite when booking in;
no access to services from outside aire
Durtal  Maine-et-Loire 49  Place de la Poste  N47 40 19, W-00 14 25
P free S 2€ coin
aire located in small car park in town centre adjacent to post office sloping tarmac no marked spaces so among cars and low trees borne Euro Relais and small waste grid (on slope and not recessed in tarmac!)
Brissac Quincé  Maine-et-Loire 49 Parking du Chateau   N47 21 18, W-00 26 48
P S free
large aire in car park near town centre adjacent to play park and stream slightly sloping tarmac Services: water taps and separate drains for black and grey waste
Vernoux-en-Gâtine  Deux-Sèvres 79  Parking de l'Eglise   N46 38 13, W-00 30 52
P S E free
aire beside church car park by large municipal park signposted, marked pitches on grass, free services including electricity points. Church bells chimed half hourly all night!
Aytré  Charente-Maritime 17  Plage des Veliplanchistes    N46 06 47, W-01 07 24
P free S free
small aire level tarmac on undeveloped sea front at end of route de la plage past campsites. Not in town centre (industrial suburb of La Rochelle), water taps and drain. possible to walk along to sea wall to sailing club where there are marked MH parking spaces with water and wc near
St Denis d'Oleron  Charente-Maritime 17 Route des Huttes  N46 01 40, W-01 02 03
P 5€ S E free
large  aire (formerly campsite?) with old amenities block and some electricity hook ups. Level grass some shade some areas soft and muddy. parking 8€ June-Aug. About one mile from town and sea front, signposted. Overnight parking at Phare de Chassiron banned and height barriers on most car parks. 
Dune de Pyla  Gironde 33 Parking Dune de Pyla  N44 35 50, W-01 11 54
P 9.20€ o/n S free
signposted motorhome parking area some sloping gravel among trees in main car park. Access via entry barrier ticket pay on leaving. day parking 4.60€. WC block. Largest sand dune in  Europe accessible at all times, many gift shops but pleasant in evening
Vieux-Bocau-les-Bains  Landes 40 Boulevard du Marensin  N43 46 46, W-01 24 02
P 5€ S E free
large aire some marked pitches on gravel some under trees electric hookups available but most not working. Parking ticket m/c not working, fee (not) collected by municipal police.
St Pée-sur-Nivelle Pyrénées-Atlantique 64 Base de Loisirs  N43 20 59, W-01 31 17
P 5€ S 1€ E  jetons
large aire by lake and leisure park about two miles from town. Flat gravel but many puddles. Stayed twice first night access free, second night large stones in place so access by barrier  raised by inserting 5 jetons 1€ each obtained from Flot Bleu payment m/c using UK credit /debit card. Flot Bleu service borne, 1 jeton accessible outside parking area and electric points several jetons depending on hours but some not working.. Pleasant walk around lake and amazing long aerial runway across lake. Some MH's in free car park with broken height barrier but moved by municipal police in morning.
Laruns  Pyrénées-Atlantique 64  Avenue de la Gare   N42 59 21, W-00 25 30
P free S 3.10€ jetons
aire in town centre next to car park but not signposted. slightly sloping tarmac marked bays. jetons for borne from TIC and shops public wc with water tap in car park; waste drain grid awkward to access if car park is full (market day Saturday). 
Gavarnie  Hautes-Pyrénées 65  D923 towards Gedre ski station   N42 44 19, W-00 01 10
P free S free
two large level gravel parking areas in meadows about one mile west of village, signposted. water and waste points. parking charge 4€ in high season. other MH's parked in car park in town centre. Good popular walk to Cirque de Gavarnie and waterfalls
Serres-sur-Arget  Ariège 09  Place du Village   N42 58 09, E01 31 08
P free S 4€ mairie
large level tarmac car park behind salle Polyvalente (village hall) in village. Separate service point signposted (wooden signs) in layby on road (pay at Mairie) small lake and park below parking area. Narrow roads over hills from La Bastide de Sérou
Collioure  Pyrénées-Orientales 66  Route de Madeloc N42 31 32, E03 04 07
P S E 7.50
new aire at park and ride (signposted Délestage) about1.5 miles from town. Entry by barrier ticket pay on leaving manned 24hours. tarmac terraced no shade, but 12 camping car bays very narrow and close together some electric points and water taps, waste drain on raised kerb; able to park in car bays on higher terrace. Park & ride navette (minibus) runs from 10am. pleasant seaside village no MH parking in centre except at railway station 
Trèbes   Aude 11  Avenue Pierre Curie    N43 12 35, E02 26 42
P free S free
wide gravel track with tall trees alongside Canal du Midi, past cafes and tourist office, poorly signposted. borne water tap and manhole cover for black waste, public wc nearby; canal boats and locks nearby
Camarès  Aveyron 12  Base de loisirs des Zizines  N43 48 59, E02 52 47
P free S free
aire in car park of small bathing lake and park beside river on edge of village. level gravel with some shade. old wc with sinks, cold showers and water tap. meeting point for young with mopeds and barbecue hearths in evening
St Jean d'Alcas  Aveyron 12  D516   N43 55 36, E03 00 31
P free S free 
MH parking area signposted next to cemetery on ESE edge of old fortified Templar village. sloping tarmac water tap (slow) drain grid and wc. Rochefort cheese town nearby
Cordes-sur-Ciel  Tarn 81  Parking les Tuileries  N44 03 52, E01 57 29
P 3.50€ S free
large terraced gravel parking area for MH's and coaches signposted after paying car parks. some shade; fee collected by municipal police in evening. water tap and drain on right at entrance (easily missed) steps to town centre and steep climb to old hilltop town with lots of artists studios and galleries
Cajarc  Lot 46  Place de la Gare   N44 29 04, E01 50 44
P free S 1€ coin
aire situated in front of old railway station in town (tourist trains run occasionally). level tarmac some grass and shade. Water taps 1€ (timer) over waste drain grid. Near river Lot and boat launching and picnic area
Prayssac  Lot 46  Avenue du Maréchal Bessières  N44 30 13, E01 11 30
P free S free
aire near town centre. six level gravel bays next to tall trees and meadow. black waste point with tap and grid; fresh water connection under green manhole  in grass ( threaded hose connector needed). All shops closed on Mondays
Souillac  Dordogne 24  Place du Baillot   N44 53 27, E01 28 31
P free S 3€ ccard
large aire level tarmac signposted in town centre. Flot Bleu borne only takes credit cards but waste grid available. Near interesting town centre with automata museum, abbey and River Dordogne with Quercyland water leisure park
Gignac  Lot 46  D87 town centre   N45 00 21, E01 27 24
P free S free
new aire in small village in  tarmac/gravel car park behind hall des fêtes. Excellent service point with separate labelled taps for fresh water and waste drains. Interesting metal tree sculpture in town
Bourdeilles  Dordogne 24  Plaine des Loisirs   N45 19 23, E00 35 00
P free S jetons
large aire level grass with some shade by river on edge of village with large chateau. Euro relais borne and waste grid next to swimming pool and football pitch. Near Brantôme
Saint Quentin-sur-Charente Charente 16  Barrage du Lavaud "Versennes"  N45 49 39, E00 41 16
P S E free
small aire/carpark by reservoir electric hookups available at borne;  wc adjacent. Other beaches and leisure facilities around reservoirs Lacs de Haute Charente with visitor centre at Maison des Lacs at Massignac
Oradour-sur-Glane  Haute Vienne 87  Rue du Stade N45 56 05, E01 01 33
P free S free
aire signposted on edge of town with marked concrete pitches some large enough for two MH's. WC, water taps and drain but Euro relais borne broken. Town has martyrs village from WW2  with interpretation centre
Bretoncelles  Orne 61   off D918   N48 25 03, E00 53 10
P free S 2€
small aire with 4 level gravel pitches some shade signposted 500m N of town. Euro Relais borne 2€coin; Chain across entrance has sign "only to be removed by camping-caristes"!  municipal pool nearby
St Valery-sur-Somme  Somme 80  Rue de la Croix l'Abbé  N50 10 56, E01 37 44
P 7€/24hrs S 1€
large aire gravel no shade, on edge of town; custom borne water 1€ for 100litres, black water waste point but poor grey water drain inadequate for size of aire if crowded. Interesting town on estuary with tourist steam train
Petite-Fort-Philippe Gravelines  Nord 59   Rue Victor Hugo  N51 00 22, E02 06 50
P free S 1.50€ coins
aire in town centre car park in housing estate near beach but no services. public wc locked at night. Services available (Flot Bleu 3x50c coins) at municipal campsite (only statics) on southern exit from town about 2 miles away.

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